Six Days to Sausage Saturday…

October 16, 2011

It’s now only six days to go until our Sausage Saturday open day next week on 22nd October.  Between 1pm and 4pm we will be opening the doors to our smallholding for local residents to come and meet our small menagerie of animals and taste some of our superb sausages.

Preparations are well underway, and our three Berkshire pigs went off on Wednesday to the great big pig pen in the sky, and are now being hung in our butchers cold room developing the most amazing flavour and texture. Although as always we were sad to see them go, the excitement of stocking our freezer for thewinter months and tasting our home reared pork and crackling is now starting to build up.

Next Wednesday our butcher will be professionally cutting and individually vacuum packing all the joints and making sausages to our chosen recipes, ready for sale on Saturday.

Last week we undertook the task of extracting some honey from our Bees and  pouring it into jars. We were sure to leave enough behind for the Bees to use over Winter, and we still got 50 jars of what can only be described as liquid gold. One neighbour who bought two last week has finished them both already !

As planned we will have sausages, pork joints and our very own honey for sale on Saturday, all produced here at Heatherhurst Grange. Spaces are limited but we do have some left, so please register your attendance via email to;

pork@ heatherhurstgrange.co.uk, or visit our website www.heatherhurstgrange.co.uk for more information.

Our address and directions will be emailed to all of those who’ve registered during next week.

If you can’t make it on the day, but still want to place a sausage order I will be delivering to some people  locally in Surrey Heath on Sunday morning so please let me know.



  1. Cannot wait Martin. The honey was amazing by the way.

    • Thanks Paul, I’m glad you enjoyed the honey, it’s such a joy to think those clever little Bees produce such a bounty. As well as tasting great it is so so good for you, especially if you suffer from allergies or hay fever. Eating locally produced honey over winter will build up your resistance to pollen in the spring.

      See you on Saturday

    • Say it isn't so!!!! Even sick I may be cpoemlled to go to Big Lots!Hope your weekend is going swell.

  2. Love to know how it all goes.

    • Thanks for your interest. Based upon the feedback so far, it was a sizzling success. We sold out of sausages within an hour. At the tasting area we cooked plain pork and pork & leek and each batch were scoffed before they even started to cool down.

      • Fantastic news. Any photos?

      • Thanks so much- I used just about a pound of suasage but a little or a little less won't hurt a thing!

  3. I was too busy cooking to take any myself but our local residents website have posted a photoblog at

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